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Overview Of The Timing Equipment

  • Made By Us

    What You Want

    We have been working closely with people from agility to make the best possible timing equipment. We know this equipment inside out as we developed it made it and tested it!

  • Start And Stop Gate

    You get not just one gate but two!

    We offer two gates so you can select your preference, if you would like to choose one gate to start and stop the timer or you can choose one gate to start and the other gate to stop the timer.

    Additionally you can also select how many times you would like to go through the stop gate before the timer stops, this feature is used when passing through the stop gate jump as part of the course aswell as the end.

  • Long Battery Life

    Up to 48hours!!

    We have trialed many batterys for our timing and we decided to use two standard AA batterys in each post / timing screen this is because they are easy replaced and easy to find. We did not use built in rechargeable batterys because they have end of life date. You can use rechargeable or disposable AA batterys in our timing.

  • Carry Case

    We supply our timing in a hard good quality case

    This case is really strong and water resistant and fits the timing gear perfectly along with a place for spare batterys

  • Wireless

    Our timing is wireless

    Our timing is wireless and has selectable channels so that you can use more than one set at a time, infact you can use up to 99 sets without interuption, it also has a long range

  • More features

    There are many more great features like a clear display in bright light or low light, you get the previous two times on the display so even if the timer starts again the previous times are still on the display. There is also a Buzzer option which you can set to go off after a certain time. There is low battery warnings on the display!

  • Get A
    Set and
    Start Timing!


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